Football Sportsmanship Feature - Gunderson HS

Football Sportsmanship Feature - Gunderson HS

This story was emailed into the CCS office from a spectator at the Yerba Buena vs. Gunderson football game on Saturday April 3, 2021.


I wanted to let you know of an occurrence I witnessed at the Gunderson vs Yerba Buena football game last night. A player from the Yerba Buena football team injured either his ankle or foot during the first half of the game. During halftime, the player , number 81, was hobbling toward the exit of the stadium with his mother trying to help him manage his walking. A player from the Gunderson football team, number 21, ran over to the injured player and the mother to assist them. The mother was having trouble escorting her son. The Gunderson player went right to the injured player and took over for the struggling parent. He just stepped right in and began helping.

This in my mind is an example of “True Sportsmanship” in every sense of the word. This in my mind is what sports is all about. When you play on the field you are trying to beat your opponent in every way, but when the game is over or when an injury occurs real life takes over.

This player from Gunderson is an example of a true sportsman!