Top 10 Things the AD can do


Top 10 Things Athletic Directors 
Can Do To Help Build Character In Sports
Ask prospective coaches tough questions regarding philosophy, situational ethics, and how they teach character. Only hire individuals to coach that place the benefits and values of educational athletics first and winning second.
Use the CIF Coaching Education program materials that are available to all schools: “Coaching Principles,” “Citizenship through Sports,” “Coaching for Character – Pursuing Victory with Honor.” All of these classes teach coaches that character, sportsmanship and academics comes before winning.
Demand scrupulous integrity and observe and enforce the spirit as well as the letter of the rule from all coaches, members of the athletic department and student-athletes.
Emphasize, in all communications directed to student-athletes and parents, the importance of character, ethics and sportsmanship. Constantly advocate that “educational athletics” is about teaching students positive life skills.
Model appropriate behavior at athletic contests. This would include supporting officials and opposing teams. Be a fan, not a fanatic.
Communicate to student-athletes and parents that athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. To earn that privilege, student-athletes must abide by the rules and conduct themselves, on and off the field, as role models who exemplify good character.
Set high expectations and standards of conduct for all staff. Clearly define the standards in writing and initiate staff meetings to review and hold all staff accountable to those standards.
Ensure that the desire to win and the pressure to win is not placed above education, character development, academic, social, emotional, physical and ethical well-being of the student-athlete.
Remind coaches, student-athletes and fans that more than 6.5 million students participated in high school sports last year. Less than two percent of those students will go on to participate at the next level. High school sports are the last chance for 98 percent of the participants to learn life long skills through sports.
Always remember that the profession of coaching is the profession of teaching.
By Roger Blake, Athletic Director, Lake Elsinore School District