Sportsmanship Feature: Monterey Students' Act of Human Kindness

Read email below from a Mountain View HS Parent to the Monterey HS Principal

Dear Mr. Newton,

I attended the football game Friday night with Mountain View High School. I am writing compliment your students for an amazing act of human kindness.

My daughter Anneli Rullo is on the Mountain View cheer squad and also has special needs (Down Syndrome).

After driving 2.5 hours thru Bay Area and Highway 1 traffic, we arrived at the game finding that Anneli was the only representative from the Mountain View cheer team.  Unfazed by this, she took to the sidelines to cheer for her Spartans.

What happened next is what compelled me to write to you.  Unsolicited, several of your students left the comfort of their seats and supporting their team, to join and support Anneli on the sidelines.  Mind you this happened in the first quarter and concluded at games end.  I don’t know the names of all these wonderful kids (who made it a point to introduce themselves to my wife and me) but they were awesome.  They made my daughter’s day and made that miserable drive down to Monterey all worthwhile.

I commend you sir for fostering an environment so your students can express their feelings and share their gifts with others — even those with disabilities.

I ask that you please share this with all your students and to those who gave their special gift of love to our family, an extra big hug.

Congratulations to you and your wonderful students.  It’s important to me that this beautiful act of human kindness not go unnoticed.  The world could surely use more acts such as this.

With gratitude,

A Mountain View HS Parent