Sportsmanship Feature - Carmel Boys Lacrosse

Sportsmanship Feature - Carmel Boys Lacrosse

Following the contest, the Menlo-Atherton coach reached out to the Carmel coach to commend the team on their effort, class, and sportsmanship. See email below.



I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how impressed I and my staff were at the level of sportsmanship your team displayed before, during, and after our game last week.  Before the game a number of players had thanked me for hosting their team.  During the game, it was clear that your team was disciplined, had a high lacrosse IQ, played physical, but always within the legal bounds of the rules.  Your defense especially demonstrated a great understanding of team defense and physicality that kept us off balance all game.


Your team came back from being down 3-1 to take a 5-3 lead only to have our team score 2 goals in the last 1:22 of the game to send it in to OT and we eventually won the game in the first OT.  Many teams would have been wrought with anguish at the turn of events but your team walked off the field proud of their effort and with great class and respect for themselves, their opponent and the officials.


While shaking hands with one of your players, he laughed/joked about both teams trying to call a time-out when we each had had too many players on the field.  Everyone of your players had a smile on their face and thanked us again for hosting and as a few were walking across the field 10 minutes later, they again were thanking us for hosting.


It is clear that you have a team that plays with head, heart, class, and respect and has a great perspective.  No doubt a reflection on you and your staff and your community.


In 20 years of HS education, I am not sure I have seen any team conduct themselves like your team did, after a tough loss no less.  I have no doubt you are very proud of those young men.


Good luck the rest of the season and I hope we can find room in our schedule to play a game next year and for years to come.


Steven Kryger
Mathematics Teacher/Athletic Director/Boys Lacrosse Coach
Menlo-Atherton High School