Sportsmanship Feature - SCVAL Cross Country

Sportsmanship Feature - SCVAL Cross Country
The email below was sent out by the Santa Clara High School Cross Country Coach following an SCVAL Cross Country Meet.


I would like to applaud the sportsmanship displayed by both a Homestead and Los Altos Varsity girl in the SCVAL #2 Cross Country Meet at Crystal Springs on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

My athlete went down approximately 600m from the finish line.  The 2 girls stopped racing to inquire if she was okay and if she needed help. They helped her to her feet. At this time, my athlete thanked the girls and encouraged them to continue their race. They opted to stay with her and made sure she was okay. As they crested the hill and could see the finish line, my athlete convinced them to leave her and finish strong. They said okay and would see her at the finish line. All 3 girls finished the race.

At the completion of the race, the girls found my athlete at the medical area. They were happy to see that she would be okay. It was a great display of sportsmanship by all 3 girls; the 2 sacrificing their performance to attend to another, and my athlete for encouraging them to finish strong. It reminded me of the 5000m in the 2016 Olympics.

A shout out to the 2 girls!

Julie L'Heureux
Santa Clara Head Cross Country Coach