Distinguished Service Award

  • Description:
    • This award is intended to honor those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the CCS and CIF over a period of years in the area of interscholastic athletics.  This premiere award is reserved for truly outstanding individuals who have made personal and professional sacrifices in order to promote, develop and positively influence interscholastic athletics for all participants.  (A maximum of three of these awards may be given annually; one award per year will be reserved for a member of the media; this award may not be given every if year if no appropriate nominations are received by the Committee)
  • Criteria:
    • Consideration will be given to any individual(s) who has consistently and over many years, distinguished themselves in professional, positive, selfless contributions to the growth, development and opportunities for student-athletes in interscholastic sports.  Awards may be made posthumously.
  • Nominations: 
    • Nominations will be sought through notification to all League Commissioners, Principals, and Athletic Directors throughout the Section by the Awards Committee every Winter for presentation of awards in the Spring.  Nominations may be generated from any interested parties and submitted to the CCS Awards Committee for consideration.  All such nominations must have the signatures of at least three individuals within the CCS who endorse the nomination.  Individuals not selected may be nominated again for consideration in subsequent years.
  • Selection Criteria: 
    • Priority consideration will be given as follows:
      • Length of service
      • Significance and impact of contribution(s)
      • Scope of contribution(s) (e.g. school, league, CCS, CIF)
      • Other related awards and recognitions received by nominee.
  • Deadlines:
    • February 26--Nominations must be received by the CCS 
      (6830 Via Del Oro, Suite 103,  San Jose CA 95119 (408) 224-0476 FAX)
    • March--CCS Awards Committee meets and reviews nominations and makes selection (if any) for that year
    • April--Awards Committee recommendations go to CCS Executive Committee for final approval.  Recipients are notified.
    • October--Awards Presentation at CCS Board of Managers Breakfast