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Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizensh
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27TH Annual CCS Administrators Workshops

Mandatory for every school to send an Administrator and their Athletic Director, but others are welcome.

September 2 (Central), 3 (Northern), 4th (Southern)
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Back to School!
Athletic Directors remember student health and safety is a top priority.


Over the last few weeks our students have been dressing up for home matches (as other sports teams do).  We've done a range of superheroes to animals, with mixed results.

Recently one of our students recently revealed to the team that he was battling depression.  Our team captains talked among each other, and talked to the team about embracing our diversity and identity.  The result is the remarkable image above.

Definitely proud of our Gunn students and our team unity this year in making this possible. 

Best Regards, Marc Tsukakoshi
Gunn High School Badminton


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Congratulations to the following CCS Winning Schools!

Carmel Girls Soccer 3.94 GPA
Los Altos Girls Track & Field 3.90 GPA
Harker School Boys Golf 3.87 GPA


My Christopher High athlete, Junior Ally Foster, had just completed the Long Jump and was getting some rest under the trees by our campsite. Ally still had the Triple Jump and 4x400 relay events to compete in. When Ally went to get her spikes, she realized they were missing. There was only about 30 mins before the 4x400 would go off and the Triple Jump had already started with Flight 1. Ally was in Flight 4. We looked around but could not find the spikes. I then started asking other fellow coaches if their athletes who were still around had a size 8 1/2 that we could borrow. Several coaches checked for me and we are thankful for that. Then Alan Green of North Salinas (fellow MBL school ) said he might have something. He came back with a pair of 8 1/2 spikes that belonged to Viking Junior Nicole Herosillo-Wright. She had offered up her spikes to let Ally borrow for her two events. Well, Nicole and Ally are strong rivals in the MBL and have had great competitions together. I just want to praise Nicole for helping out her rival Ally in the CCS Semifinals. That, to me, shows great sportsmanship and is a testament to her, her family and Alan Green and the North Salinas program. Ally did go on to qualify for the CCS Finals in both events and the Christopher girls 4x4 set a new school record in the process. So once again, thank you so much.

Jeff Myers
Christopher High School Head Track & Field Coach

So many wonderful things to celebrate this spring in the CCS family.

Congratulations to our three newest Nationally Certified Athletic Administrators in the CCS.

Congratulations to:

Michael Flynn, (Crystal Springs School)
Shelby Edwards (Los Gatos High School) and
Jason Levine (Notre Dame Belmont High School)

on obtaining their CAA designation! 
They are the newest Certified Athletic Administrators in the CCS who have taken National Courses and passed the National Tests to become Certified!  My best to all three!

Submitted by: Jean Kinn Ashen, CMAA, AIC
NIAAA Board of Directors, Section 7 Representative Athletic Administrator North Salinas High School

Aragon and Stevenson in the first round of CCS Boys Team Tennis

Respect, Citizenship,Caring, Responsibility!

I wanted to take time to tell you about the first-round CCS Team Tennis match we hosted at Aragon. We won 7-0 but the team from Stevenson had so much class and sportsmanship it was truly amazing . You are aware we always shake hands in intros but once the match was over was when Stevenson showed what a classy team they are . I have been doing this for awhile and have never been treated like this .  Every boy on Stevenson's team came up to me and said congratulation to me, wished us good luck and shook my hand. Our Aragon parents also made comments about what great sportsmanship the Stevenson team showed. When Stevenson exited our gates they  took time to give a yell for our team. Stevenson may not have won this match but they are winners in life  What a great representative for their school . Sevan Zenoplan is the Stevenson coach. What a great job he has done getting his team to CCS and teaching such great sportsmanship . They were a very classy team .

Dave Owdom, Aragon

Submitted by: Steve Sell, Aragon Athletic Director

Central Coast Section Athletic Directors Association recently honored five Athletic Directors who are retiring with more than 10 years of service.

Left to right:
Earl Hansen, Palo Alto HS
Peggy Booth, Willow Glen HS
Bill Gray, Terra Nova HS
Paula Weismann, Homestead HS and
Terry Ward, Bellarmine HS

Photo Credit, Kevin Donahue

CCSADA also honored three students with Scholarships

Northern Conference:
Emily Casey – Notre Dame Belmont

Central Conference:
Rebecca Hatton – Lynbrook High School

Southern Conference:
Brooks Nicholson – Aptos High School

Photo credit: Kevin Donahue

Cal Coaches Association

The California Coaches’ Association has been honoring State Coaches of the Year for the past fifty seven years.  The organization has voting membership on the California State CIF Federated Council and helps supports schools and districts by providing information, coaching education, liability insurance and recognition for the outstanding high school coaches of California.  If you would like additional information concerning the organization or various school or district memberships, please visit http://www.calcoachesassociation.net <http://www.calcoachesassociation.net/>

This year’s banquet will be held on June 14, at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel at 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA.  There, the state coach of the year will be announced in 18 different sports.

Tickets may be purchased by contacting Rob Grialou at grialous@att.net.

Congratulations to Bill  Daskarolis from Aragon High School.  The California Coaches’ Association is honoring him with the Dan Fukushima Lifetime Achievement Award  at the CCA Coach of the Year Banquet

Congratulations to Bill Hutton of Archbishop Mitty. He was selected to the Hall-of-Fame in Baseball by the California Coaches’ Association.

Congratulations to Mike Janda of Bellarmine College Prep. The California Coaches' Association has named him State Football Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Gene Fortino of Monta Vista High School. The California Coaches' Association has selected him as the Northern California Girls Tennis Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Coach Guy Oling from Aragon High School.  The California Coaches’ Association has selected him as the Northern California Boys’ Golf Coach of the Year. 

Congratulations to M. Anthony Chen (M.A.C.), from Mountain View High School.The California Coaches’ Association has selected him as the Northern California Boys’ Volleyball Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Justina Williams of Archbishop Mitty. She was named “Northern California Coach-of-the-Year” for Field Hockey. 


Congratulations to Mike Oakland of St. Francis, Mountain View High School. He was selected as the Northern California Baseball Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Kent Mitchell of Milpitas HIgh School who was selected as the Northern California Wrestling Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Anne Finney Athletic Director and Volleyball Coach at Independence High School. She was selected as the Northern California Volleyball coach of the Year.


Denise Krogen, Notre Dame-San Jose

Trish Sunseri, Silver Creek High School

Jeff Lamb, Milpitas HIgh School

These three were honored at the recent 2014 CSADA Workshops!

Photo credit: Kevin Donahue

Respect, Caring, Citizenship

I wanted to share with you our humble gratitude for the Aragon baseball team and coaching staff.  Prior to today’s varsity baseball game, we held a special tribute ceremony in honor of an incredible woman named Chris Brienzo, who we lost to a courageous battle with cancer in September of last year.  Chris is the mother of one of our baseball coaches, was the LGHS ASB Bookkeeper, and truly just a remarkable human being.  Our coaching staff put together a moving ceremony in honor of Chris, which included our team wearing pink jerseys with “C. Brienzo” on their backs and “CB” stickers for their helmets that will remain for the rest of the season.  The Aragon coaching staff went above and beyond what we ever could have expected and played the game wearing pink socks.  Amazing.  I’d also like to thank our umpires, Patrick King and Chad Kutting, who, together with Aragon were gracious and supportive in allowing the delay to the start of the game due to this ceremony and the weather.  It was a testament to the beauty of high school athletics and showed two teams coming together in recognition of one person – our angel now.  I’ve attached a photo that captures a beautiful moment and memory for all of us at Los Gatos.

With heartfelt thanks to Aragon, Mr. King, and Mr. Kutting, we are humbled and grateful.
Shelby Edwards, Athletic Director, Los Gatos High School


Congratulations to all our CCS Teams that qualified for and competed in the CIF Norcal Championships. We are proud of all of you.

Boys: Archbishop Mitty, Bellarmine, Menlo Atherton, St. Ignatius, Leigh, Junipero Serra, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Burlingame, Aragon, Archbishop Riordan, Santa Cruz, Harker, Half Moon Bay, Sacred Heart Prep, Priory, Pinewood

Girls: St. Ignatius, Sacred Heart Cathedral, North Salinas, Gunn, Wilcox, Archbishop Mitty, Lynbrook, Presentation, Valley Christian, Soquel, Scotts Valley, Menlo School, Castilleja, St. Francis-CCC, Pacific Collegiate, Pinewood.

Girls Division II: Archbishop Mitty, CIF Norcal Champions

Girls Division V: Pinewood, CIF Norcal Champions & STATE CIF CHAMPIONS!

Both will be playing in the state finals, Friday and Saturday at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento


Half Moon Bay Norcal Basketball  & Fortuna High School both showing
Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship

I'm passing along a tremendous conversation that I just had with a gentleman that happens to be a Fortuna basketball parent. He called to ask if we won the game last night because it was not posted on MaxPreps.com. I told him the story of the game, and he was beside himself. He said he was pulling for us to win the whole thing because they were "happy to lose to a team, a school, a community, that has so much class and sportsmanlike behavior."

He went on to talk about all of the positive things he witnessed, and he was happy to share their positive experience, even through a LOSS, that him, the other parents, and players had at Half Moon Bay High School. He was very impressed with the sportsmanship on and off the court, the fact that student fans had one go at the "Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye" chant (we nixed it right away), and the fact that our student body congratulated their players on the court after the game, for "competing with full hearts."


Congratulations to everybody for having such a great season filled with success, positive sportsmanship, and life lessons. The parent closed our conversation with a heartfelt thank you, wished us luck next year and hoped we would meet again.

Jarrett Dooley, Assistant Principal, Half Moon Bay High School


Last night while officiating at Gunn HS vs Menlo School the student athlete from Gunn #9 Rachel Tsui  during a stoppage in play yelled for my attention to notify me she thought there was a problem with the ball.    I stopped the clock and ran over to verify the ball in her cradle was not a NOCSAE ball.   Gunn lost possession of the ball.  She could have waited until after a goal to identify the illegal ball in which case the goal stands and the ball is replaced but she took the step to make sure I was aware of a potential violation rather than continuing to play which was the honorable thing to do and she should be recognized for her honesty.

Sincerely, M. Maria Flaherty, Lacrosse Official


    I have been Sports PA Announcing at Branham High School in San Jose for 14+ years (and counting....) and for the past three (3) years I have had the pleasure of witnessing a sign of respect and sportsmanship that the entire Branham Baseball Program follows after each and every game. First instituted by the Frosh/Soph Team (Head Coach Dan Rossetta) about 3 years ago and then adopted by the Varsity Team (Head Coach & Athletic Director Landon Jacobs) a couple of years ago, it doesn't matter where the Teams play (Home or Away) but after each and every game the Branham Baseball Teams will go into both the Visitor and Home stands and thank each and every person that is still there for coming to the game. Often as I am leaving the game after the conclusion, I would hear from Visitors and Home Team attendees how respectful that gesture is.

    I feel this speaks volumes about how all the Branham Coaches at the Frosh/Soph and Varsity levels are teaching our youth to give back and to thank those who support them. Thank you:

Dan Rossetta (Head Frosh/Soph Coach); Landon Jacobs (Head Varsity Coach & Athletic Director);
Rod Davison (Asst. Coach);Kim Davison (Asst. Coach);Steve Janssen (Asst. Coach);Chris Mendoza (Asst. Coach)

Respectfully, Bob Holmes


TO: Jason Townsend, Fremont High School AD & Shelby Edwards Los Gatos School AD

On Friday, February 7, I had the privilege of officiating the soccer match between Fremont and Los Gatos High Schools. I say privilege because many times when officiating we spend a portion of the contest dealing with poorly behaved coaches, aggressive players and difficult parents. Today was one of those contests that displayed what the joy and passion of sport is all about. From the moment the officials arrived at the field the coaches were friendly and helpful and the athletes consumed by what they were doing.

During the match the coaches were positive and encouraging towards their players giving them tactical instructions and positive reinforcement for their efforts. They were respectful and courteous regardless of calls by the referees or the score of the game. Both Coach Baker of Fremont and Coach Millard of Los Gatos deserve praise for their efforts in conducting themselves as role models for the players on their teams.

As for the players of both teams, for the very few fouls that were called, they did not complain or argue, they just went about the business of the game displaying teamwork and enthusiasm for the task at hand. They were not aggressive or disrespectful to their opponents or the officials at any time during the contest. At the conclusion of the match they shook hands and congratulated each other for their efforts. 

And last but not least,  the parents. I did not hear anything but cheers for the school they supported and encouragement for the players on their respective teams. I did not hear any complaints about their opponents or the way the contest was officiated. When the match was over they greeted their players and left satisfied with their efforts.

So congratulations to the coaches, players and parents for today's experience. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this contest.

Paul Busi, Referee, Peninsula Sports

LINCOLN GIRLS SOCCER--Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship!
We hope Dani has a full, complete and safe recovery from her concussion.

My name is Liza Noriega and I am a parent of the Silver Creek varsity soccer team where my daughter Dani is the goal keeper for this team. Yesterday (February 11), these two very competitive teams played and what a game it was.

In the second half Dani ran into the goal post at full speed while attempting to save a goal. By the end of the game she was out of it due to the onset of a concussion.

I am writing because I wanted to share something good that I believe is often missed now a days, with a lot of focus on the bad soccer drama.  As I headed onto the field to check on Dani, post-game handshakes were occurring on the field as they usually do, but it was when each Lincoln player and coach walked over to the bench where Dani was, and extended a fist bump and good game that caught my attention.

Not only did that show a sign of respect for Dani but demonstrated the “Sportsmanship” of those players, coaches and ultimately Lincoln high-school.

Sportsmanship, is unfortunately, a fading attribute in sports and as the Vice President of a local community soccer league and long-time soccer mom, I find it important to recognize and acknowledge the few standing players and coaches who are demonstrating this valuable attribute.

My daughter is out for the remainder of the season, but she said she will never forget the team coming over to her at the end of the game. If you can please forward to the varsity soccer coach and share with the team I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and again congratulations to your varsity soccer team for their Sportsmanship!

Best Regards, Liza M. Noriega


Two League Commissioners from the CCS have been named to the class of 2014 in their respective area Halls of Fame

Elgie Bellizio, Commissioner of the MBL and MTAL selected to the Salinas Valley Hall of Fame

Terry Stogner, Commissioner of the PAL selected to the San Mateo County Hall of Fame.



Click here to read full story



Click here to read full story

Character, Caring, Citizenship, Respect Fairness!

I am forwarding this email to you to share a wonderful story of sportsmanship on the part of the Soledad coach and jv girls soccer team. As sometimes happens at this time in a season of sports, Stevenson's jv team girls soccer team had only seven players as they got on the bus to travel to Soledad. Our Stevenson Coach and players did not want to forfeit the game and were willing to play the game with just seven players. The Soledad coach was amazing in offering to play with equal number of players. Here was an opportunity for Soledad to bolster statistics and team records but instead evened the playing field by cutting back the number of players on the field to 7. Thank you for sharing such good will to our jv girls team. Your act of kindness will forever be  remembered in the hearts of our young players and coach.
Jeff Young, Athletic Director, Stevenson School

Dear Jeff,

I was hoping you could forward am email I wanted to send to the Soledad AD and his JV soccer coach. On Friday we went and played them and I was grateful for their sportsmanship. We only had seven girls to field the game and their coach decided to sit his players so we could play 7 v7. Our team ended up winning 4-0 with no subs but not once did their team of 14 girls say anything rude or unkind. They actually cheered for our team at times and we really enjoyed playing them :)

Dear Soledad Coach: It was a pleasure playing your team on Friday. It was not the best weather conditions for soccer but I am glad we were able to let the girls play. I also want to commend you and your girls for having such great sportsmanship. We were prepared to have a tough and exhausting game knowing that we would be playing down to just seven girls, but it was such a relief when you offered to play equal teams. I am sorry that you had to sit girls, but the team and I were very appreciative to you and your team for respecting us and being so kind. I look forward to playing you next season. I hope you have a great last week of games!

Thanks, Christy McDaris, Stevenson School

Picture above shows the presentation to the
families receiving their gift from the camp.



The boys and girls soccer teams of The Harker School raised over $5000 in their 5th Annual Kicks Against Cancer fundraiser to help send children to Camp Okizu which provides peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs to meet the needs of all members of families affected by childhood cancer.  The amount raised this year will help send 5 children to camp this summer.  The organization and leadership of the fundraiser was all student-driven with money raised by selling tshirts, beanies, and pens.  Donations were also accepted by teachers pledging money per goals scored in the games and a half-time “butts-up” game where kids paid money to try and kick a ball at their favorite teacher’s backside.  Game officials also donated their fees to the cause officiating the games pro-bono. 

Dan Molin, CAA, The Harker School
Upper School Athletic Director,
Boys Volleyball Coach


Jeff Lamb, Milpitas High School Athletic Director
Ken Thomas, Retired Principal
Mark McConnell, Soquel High School

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE PRESS RELEASE & details on these amazing educators!

The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor presented by the CCS.


JEFF LAMB, Milpitas High School CSADA Athletic Director fo the Year.
TRISH SUNSERI, Silver Creek High School, CSADA, CCS Athletic Director of the Year
DENISE KROGEN , Notre Dame San Jose, CSADA, CCS Rookie Athletic Director of the Year!


Congratulations to

Mark Bermudez, Associate Athletic Director at Alma Heights Christian School,
Pacific California

on achieving his Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) designation. He took the test in Anaheim at the National Athletic Directors Conference in December. 

Submitted by: Jean Ashen Kinn
NIAAA Board of Directors, Section 7 Representative Athletic Administrator North Salinas HS

Within 4 hours of our exciting launch of CIF Home via email from Michael Mancuso, the following schools had all their Directory information uploaded to the new system. Congratulations and thanks for all you do for the student-athletes you serve! http://www.cifccshome.org

Alvarez Mercy Burlingame Pioneer Santa Teresa
Capuchino Menlo Atherton Priory Sequoia
Evergreen Vly Milpitas St. Lawrence Westmont
Half Moon Bay Monterey San Benito York


This is a picture of some wonderful young ladies who made a difference in the Viking Gym on December 20.  A group of alumni and current players and coaches hosted an alumni game to benefit the Philippine Relief effort.  All gate receipts from the boys contest, the girls alumni game, and all concessions and donations from the evening went to the Relief effort.  In all $995 was raised and sent on behalf of all Vikings.  Thanks to Coach Jackson for reminding me to spread the good regarding PVWH!  Happy New Year to all!

Jean Kinn Ashen, CMAA, AIC

JOE BERTICEVICH and his coaching staff

Dear Athletic Director Berticevich:

This is a long overdue compliment to Bryan LaCaille and his entire coaching staff. I have had the pleasure of officiating a number of Pioneer Girls Varsity Basketball games over the years and I can honestly say that he and his staff truly exemplify the meaning professionalism and sportsmanship. Last Friday was no exception. As an official I am certainly not above making mistakes, but Bryan and his staff have been nothing less than courteous in addressing me or my partners when they have a question or an observation.

As you are aware, I have declined officiating Boys Varsity Basketball games at Pioneer based on the fact that ******* was a part of the program a few years back. I am fortunate though, to be assigned both basketball and football games at Pioneer which has always been a positive experience. Eric does a great job with the Football program and is a skilled clock operator for the basketball games (officials love a good clock operator).
Please pass my compliments on to Bryan and his staff and congratulations on the exemplary job you are performing as the school Athletic Director.

Rich Kulish, Game Official

Gilroy Mustangs, St. Francis CCC and Monte Vista Christian Mustangs
all Six Pillars of Character reflected for sweet girl named Effy!!!


Effy With Gilroy Support Team
Monte Vista Christian and St. Francis CCC and Effy

Hi Nancy,
I have two stories that I wanted to share with the CCS to recognize some incredible support in our section.
As you know my two year old daughter, Effy, was diagnosed with Leukemia in July. We have received so much support from the St. Francis community, it's been amazing, since we have no family here in California. I was recently shocked, however to find support from other high schools as well.
Gilroy High School invited our family to attend the last home football game of the season on November 15th. Head athletic trainer Jennifer Spinetti and the sports medicine students had been working running events at school, bake sales, and fundraisers all for Effy. The football coaches and team got on board and it truly was a community event...all to benefit a tiny 2-year whom they had never met. We were amazed by the community support of the Mustangs and all of the students who helped our family!
Last night, we went to Monte Vista Christian to watch the women's sportsmanship basketball game against St. Francis. The Mustang's head coach, Jennifer Keathley, had organized that all concession sales would be donated to Team Effy. A MVC parent also donated handmade bows that they sold and it was an amazing show of support for our family.
It's true that support and love sometimes comes from places you wouldn't expect, but I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all of the help in this difficult time to both teams of Mustangs and both Jennifers!
Thanks so much, Jen Watson

Jennifer Watson
Assistant Principal for Athletics/Activities Athletic Director

We are sorry to report that a well-respected, long-time CCS Athletic Director passed away suddenly earlier this week. If you knew Steve Clayton, you knew he was the heart and soul of the Palma Athletic Department. He loved high school students and dedicated hours of his own personal time to provide leadership on a variety of league and CCS committees as well as hosting hundreds of events for our CCS family of schools for students, coaches and parents who would never even know his name. But we in the CCS knew what he did and were so very thankful to have a Steve Clayton to call upon when we needed a CCS Event run with professionalism and perfection. Thank you Steve for so generously sharing your time and talents on behalf of the CCS member schools, coaches, parents and student-athletes. Our deepest sympathies goes out to his Wife and Son.
Steve will be deeply missed as a friend and a colleague.

Steven Conard Clayton
Born in San Jose, CA on Apr. 9, 1958
Departed on Dec. 8, 2013 and resided in Spreckels, CA.

Steven Conard Clayton, 55 of Spreckels, passed away Sunday, December 8, 2013. He was born April 9, 1958 in San Jose, CA.

Steven was preceded in death by his mother, Shirley Clayton and father, Carlton Clayton who passed away, November 24, 2013.

Steven was the Athletic Director for Palma School and along with being named CIF State Athletic Director of the Year in 2012. He coached four sports, serving as head coach in track and field, golf, freshman football and freshman basketball. He also served as assistant principal.

He is survived by his wife, Marsha Clayton of Spreckels, son Tyler Clayton of Spreckels, brothers, Mark Clayton, Michael Clayton of Reno, NV., and sister Christine Bobbett of Redding, CA.

Visitation will be held Friday, December 13, 2013 1:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.with a Rosary to begin at 7:00p.m. in the Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel, 919 Iverson Street, Salinas, CA. 93901 .

Funeral Mass will be held Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 11:00a.m. at the Palma School Gymnasium, 919 Iverson Street, Salinas, CA. 93901.

In Lieu of flowers please consider contributing to a Trust Fund that has been set up for Steve's son Tyler Clayton, at 1st Capital Bank, 1097 S. Main St. Salinas, CA. 93901. Account # 20002418.

Funeral arrangements by Struve and Laporte Funeral Home.
Online condolences to www.struveandlaporte.com

Use the link below to access the Memorial:


Our football team played Palma this weekend at the Rabobank Stadium and it was a great experience.  The stadium was terrific and it made for a nice playoff environment.
More importantly, everyone associated with Palma High School made us feel very welcomed.  Athletic Director Steve Clayton did a great job running the event and the Palma players, coaches, and fans are completely first class.

Will Scharrenberg
Director of Athletics
Archbishop Mitty High School


Just wanted to fire off an e-mail to you, regarding the CCS FB Play-off game played at Leland HS last night...
I was privileged to be a game official for this game between Palo Alto and Leland.  It was a well-played, spirited game throughout, but only remained close in score for about 1 1/2 quarters, with Paly breaking it open just before the half.  As the scoring gap between the two teams widened in the second half, it could have been quite tempting for the Leland team to resort to taking cheap-shots and committing unnecessary fouls.  However, the exact opposite actually took place.  Both the coaching staff and players of Leland HS should be commended for not only keeping their cool, but also exhibiting extreme positiveness and great sportsmanship, while continuing to play as hard as possible without giving up.  The Leland players remained consistently respectful to us (officials) and to their opponents.  There was no whining, but rather constant encouragement to each other to keep playing and keep having fun.
Given the history of being around the high school athletic scene as long as I have, I was half-expecting the contest to go sour at any moment, but it just never happened; and I, as a game official, former-coach, former-CCS Ass't. Commissioner, former-coach and former teacher, am deeply appreciative and impressed by the demeanor with which the Leland HS football coaches and team members conducted themselves.
Just another affirmation that the message of "Pursuing Victory With Honor" is working!
Have a great rest of the Play-offs!
Steve Stearns, CIF Football Rules Interpreter, Game Official,
former Coach,teacher, CCS Assistant Commissioner


As Gilroy High School Football celebrated their own senior night, they recognized their opponent's seniors as you can see.

"Hi all!!  Attached, please see the beautiful poster the Gilroy Mustangs made for the North Salinas seniors Friday night!
Now that is a class act!!"

Submitted by
Jean Kinn-Ashen
North Salinas Athletic Director

Football: Westmont player’s special, special touchdown

Click here to read the story!

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KPIX also did a report on this story, which includes video of the touchdown. Here is the link.


Hi Jason (Notre Dame Belmont Athletic Director),

I spoke to your coach yesterday about a nice gesture that I saw one of your girls give at yesterday's WCAL Cross Country Finals.  At the conclusion of the girls varsity race, one of your runners was physically assisting a St. Ignatius runner through the chute.  The SI girl was in some distress as she was limping and upset and your Notre Dame Belmont girl was telling her to lean on her as she helped her to a place where she could recover.  Since both girls finished in the middle of the race (I don't even know which girl finished before the other), I'm not sure a lot of people saw this gesture but I just wanted to let you know.  I thought it was a great show of sportsmanship.

Jo Ann Momono | Director of Athletics Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep



Playing Evergreen last night was just such a blast from the stands and the parents right down to the teens from Evergreen who were remarkably polite to us visitors. Some of their (Evergreen) parents were saying really nice things about our (Live Oak) girls and it was super obvious that, for volleyball anyway, that was just one classy place. Even after they (Evergreen) lost they were still super nice to us (Live Oak).  It was unusual enough that I thought maybe they would like to know that they had really impressed us with their sportsmanship up there.  I never heard a whisper of anyone trying to mess up a serve or hassle the girls. I didn't even hear any of the teens swearing AT ALL. Weird, yep, and kinda surreal.  Classy, Evergreen!
Have a great day, Christine (Live Oak parent)

F/S Football game
vs Sobrato HS at Pioneer HS

Sir (Addressed to Pioneer Athletic Director Berticevich),
        Thank you for hosting us on last Friday Night. I am currently on the F/S football staff at Sobrato High, Your Head Coach David Gonzalez and staff are to be commended for their absolute honor of the game. The way they came across the field, and wished us luck before the game was exemplary. I was even more surprised, that he agreed  not to run up the score, as we were behind 44-0 at half. Unfortunately,  we were severely out manned, however, coaching at this level there are many lessons to be taught and learned. To keep playing, to give maximum  effort and to finish the game. Sir (Mr. Berticevich), you then walked across the field and gave us passes for a meal at your fine concessions stand.

        This is my twenty-first year of coaching. I have coached seventeen years of high school and 4 years at the Junior College level. I have never been given anything by an opposing school, and  I always like to support the school athletic program. I gladly accepted your gift, and bought more later. That was such an awesome gesture on your part. Returning to coach F/S has been absolutely fantastic, and you sir,should be commended.
Thanks again,
Respectfully, Art Testani

Santa Catalina, Mitty, Gunn

I’d like to relay an experience from yesterday’s championship at Rancho Canada.

As you are aware, Rancho Canada has a few holes that are very challenging for the girls. I was marshal for the group of Isabelle Ting, Santa Catalina, Karina Sharma, Mitty and Lianna McFarlane-Connelly, Gunn. Isabelle ended up putting 18 balls total into the ravine for the day. What impressed me most was how positive her attitude was after one went in. She would just go get another ball, and go through her routine and try again. It was a very long day for her, I’m sure she slept well! Certainly a great example of Perserverence!

The other impressive part was the attitude of her fellow competitors. Karina and Lianna were not only very encouraging in their words, but also in their body language and patience. Great examples of Caring!

Every event continues to remind me of what a great bunch of kids we have the privilege of coaching and being a positive part of their lives. These three girls certainly exemplified was CCS Sports should be about.

Submitted by: Scot Hathaway, PGA
Valley Christian Girls Golf Coach

Respect for the game and for each other

It was brought to my attention that at last Thursday’s freshman football game at St. Francis between the Lancers and Archbishop Riordan that the St. Francis coach, Len Christensen, chose to take a knee at the end of the first half instead of going for a touchdown while leading 34-0.  He also chose to do the same thing several times toward the end of the game while leading 41-0.  In both instances, St. Francis was inside the 5 yard line and most likely would have easily scored.

Here are the tweets from Archbishop Riordan:

“Same score into half in the freshman game. 34-0 St. Francis leads after electing not to run a final play from the 5 yard line. #classymove "

“Again St. Francis takes multiple kneel downs inside the 5 to end the game with the victory 41-0. Congrats to a classy team and coach”

Thought this would make a great sportsmanship story!  This is definitely a great example of “Pursuing Victory with Honor.”

Submitted by:
Kevin J. Donahue, CAA, Sports Information Director, West Catholic Athletic League

Respect, Citizenship, Fairness, Caring

Louie (Scotts Valley HS Athletic Director and Football Coach),

I did not have a chance to thank you properly for your hospitality yesterday. Our fans do not hesitate to give me feedback on the schools who host us.  Your announcer was "very balanced" for both teams and I was told he mentioned my 100th win-very classy. The folks at the snack bar were equally friendly and throwing in some bonus chili was appreciated. I was warned about the officials "on the other side of the hill." Nothing could be further from the truth . I thought they were very good and very fair. Although we didn't officially make a contract, I hope we can return the hospitality the same week next year. Good luck the rest of the way.

Steve Sell, Aragon HS Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

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In late August, Watsonville High suffered a break-in at their baseball storage unit and lost nearly $10,000 of equipment. Attached is a letter from Saul Ruiz, Watsonville AD, to the principal and AD at Seaside High, recognizing the generosity and good sportsmanship of some Seaside parents who stepped in to assist a league mate.The spirit of good sportsmanship and citizenship reflected by the Seaside parents, as well as the graciousness of the Watsonville response, serve as models for us all.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.
Tim McCarthy, League Commissioner
Mission Trail Athletic League and Monterey Bay League

will be inducted in the San Jose Hall of Fame

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CONGRATULATIONS GARY!! An Honor well deserved!

Another team do something nice for you?  Your team did something nice for someone else?  
Examples of our great student-athletes, coaches and fans are appreciated.  The Administration or AD from the school must submit the information.  Share it with your AD, and he/she will forward it to CCS.

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